“When I see him …, the sun shines” Netizens are swooning over a “imperfect” part of RIIZE’s Wonbin that they hope never changes

He is lovely in every way.

Since he was first revealed to be in RIIZE, Wonbin’s good looks have gotten him a lot of attention online.

He has an old-fashioned charm that many people like, which isn’t something you see in many K-Pop stars these days.

But recently, there’s been a lot of love for a “imperfect” part of his visuals, and fans really hope he doesn’t feel pushed to change it.

What part of Wonbin are we talking about? His cute bunny-like teeth and smile!

In the entertainment business as a whole, it’s not unusual at all for celebrities to get veneers or do other things to make their teeth look perfectly straight and white. But when everyone does this, their teeth start to look the same, and it takes away the uniqueness and charm that come with smiles that aren’t perfect.

Fans love that Wonbin‘s teeth aren’t perfect because that’s what makes them so great. His smile is beautiful and genuine, and it goes well with how handsome he looks.

Recently, a post about Wonbin‘s cute teeth was made on an online website. Here’s what fans had to say about them!



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