“Are they okay now?” — G-Dragon’s recent Instagram ‘Like’ sparks speculation

G-Dragon recently hit the ‘Like‘ button on an Instagram post.

The post was from chef Hisato Hamada, who shared a picture of V from BTS during their visit to the restaurant WAGYUMAFIA last week. In the photo, V looked stylish in a white jacket with leopard prints, showcasing his unique fashion sense.

People on the internet started talking about this ‘Like‘ from G-Dragon. Some fans cautioned against jumping to conclusions or creating stories about G-Dragon and V based on this simple action. They mentioned that G-Dragon often interacts on Instagram by liking various posts.

Furthermore, netizens pointed out that G-Dragon and V were both at the Frieze Seoul event, which took place at Paradise City Korea and was also attended by WAGYUMAFIA.

Some netizens even shared screenshots of G-Dragon‘s ‘Likes‘ from previous years. There were rumors that he might be using a bot to automatically like fan account photos and posts related to sponsorships every 2 to 3 seconds.

In other news, G-Dragon and V have been linked to dating rumors with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

Here are some reactions from fans:

“Let’s not read too much into it since G-Dragon was at the same event.”

“I know a friend who runs a G-Dragon fan account, and he liked her posts like three times, so don’t take it too seriously.”

“G-Dragon seems to like posts with his name and BIGBANG in the @s and hashtags, so the rumors about him using a bot make sense. He attended that event and even DJed there.”

“No need to speculate about G-Dragon’s likes.”

“We don’t even know for sure if G-Dragon and Jennie dated.”

“I would have been more convinced if he had liked V’s own post, but this is just an event.”

“I actually believe that G-Dragon and Jennie may have never dated.”

“G-Dragon is handling this so coolly.”

“The comments are funnier than the actual situation. Why are people denying that G-Dragon and Jennie dated?”

“G-Dragon, the Instagram bot, haha!”

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