“I got so carried away” — Kim So Hyun & Hwang Min Hyun’s kiss scene on ‘My Lovely Liar’ makes netizens swoon!

In the recent episode of ‘My Lovely Liar‘, fans couldn’t stop talking about the romantic kiss between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Min Hyun.

On episode 9 of the drama, characters Doha (played by Hwang Min Hyun) and Solhee (played by Kim So Hyun) shared a sweet kiss that has viewers feeling all sorts of emotions.

After the episode aired, the kiss scene quickly spread online, and fans couldn’t help but gush over the adorable moment.

One fan shared a clip of the scene and wrote, “OMG, it finally happened in episode 9! Doha and Solhee’s kiss. I can’t believe it! This is insane! I’m freaking out!“.

Netizens had these reactions:


“I’m so nervous for them haha”

“Their first kiss looks so pure and fresh. Do-Sol couple is just too cute!”

“The way they shot it was so heart-fluttering.”

“Hwang Min Hyun’s kissing skills are on point!”

“Wow, why does this make my heart race so much? Their chemistry is amazing, and the story adds to the magic.”

“I was crying while watching. It’s so beautiful.”

“A mix of emotions – crying, tearing up, and feeling happy.”

“This is giving me major butterflies!”

“Can’t wait to tune in tomorrow! The anticipation is killing me.”

“I got so carried away that I screamed when I saw this. Seriously loved it!”

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