“Wow, he’s never been ugly” — Past photos of RIIZE’s Anton during school days become hot topic

Excitement is building around SM Entertainment’s upcoming boy group, RIIZE. They’re set to make their music debut on September 4 with their first single album titled ‘Get A Guitar.’

Even before their debut, RIIZE has caught a lot of attention, especially for how good-looking the members are.

Recently, fans have been talking a lot about member Anton. They found a bunch of his old pictures, thanks to his active online presence in the past. These pictures are from his school days and show some special moments.

Fans are loving these photos that give a peek into the life of the new idol.

They’re saying things like:

“He was so popular back then!”

“His school life looks like a movie.”

“We’re grateful that he’s debuting.”

“He’s really handsome.”

“Seems like he had a great time in school.”


“His looks, his body – everything is perfect.”

“I think he’s always been popular.”

“I wish I had a school swimming pool like his, haha.”

“It’s like he’s the main character of a teen drama, being part of the swim team and all.”

“He’s handsome and cute at the same time.”

“Looks like he worked hard in school based on these photos.”

“Wow, he’s never looked bad. It’s amazing how good-looking he’s always been, haha.”

“I’m a fan of his old photos.”

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