“Long hair suits her better” — IVE Gaeul’s refreshing new hairstyle wins over the hearts of Korean netizens

IVE Gaeul‘s recent change to a longer and darker hair color has captivated the online community.

Throughout her time with IVE, particularly since their debut with “ELEVEN,” Gaeul mostly sported hair in lighter shades.

Although there were occasional instances of her opting for darker hair, her recent appearances, featuring an extended jet black hairstyle, have left netizens more impressed than ever before.

At the ‘KCON LA 2023‘ event, Gaeul made a stunning impression by revealing her significantly elongated hairdo. Departing from her previous short hair, the idol chose a longer and darker hair color, transforming her look.

Online users eagerly joined discussions on various platforms to voice their opinions about Gaeul‘s fresh hairstyle:

“With long hair, she was pretty in a simple way, but with short hair, she had a unique vibe. It’s like Minnie and her bangs. Without them, she looked innocent and pretty, but with bangs, she had a cool image. I think that’s the idea. All the members of IVE are beautiful, but I think they gave her short hair to give her a distinct character. Also, please share this post on enter-talk! 😊”

“During ‘ELEVEN’, many people said she looked like Leeseo, so they created this image for her with short hair. But I personally think she looks better with long hair.”

“But she had long hair when she debuted, right? After the short hair, her popularity increased because of her new image. Now that she has long hair again, she looks even prettier. That’s probably why people are reacting so positively.”

“I saved this picture because she looked so beautiful.”

“The reason why the short hair didn’t suit her was probably because they always gave her hair color that was too bright and the length just wasn’t right. I think a slightly longer bob with more muted hair color would have suited her well. But they cut it off as soon as it started growing a bit longer.”

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