“I can see D.O in him” — RIIZE’s Wonbin nails nostalgic 90s look with 1st gen idol hair, capturing netizens’ hearts!

People are really excited about SM Entertainment‘s new boy group, RIIZE, and their upcoming debut.

One of the group’s members, Wonbin, has caught the attention of internet users because he was seen with a hairstyle that was popular in the 90s, like the first generation of idol singers.

People online quickly noticed Wonbin‘s long hair, and they praised how good he looked.

Some fans are worried about the group’s appearance, specifically their hairstyles, which they think are old-fashioned and don’t show off their good looks.

Korean internet users and fans gathered on a popular online community to leave lots of comments about RIIZE members’ hair.

Here are some of the things they said:

“He reminds me of idols from the 90s, like Choi Changmin and Taesaja!”

“I usually don’t like this hairstyle, but he’s really handsome! I’d love to see him with braided hair.”

“Wow, he’s incredibly good-looking!”

“He looks really young.”

“He gives off that cool vibe of a 90s idol.”

“He reminds me of Hyungyu from Love Transit.”

“He’s like the male version of Minji.”

“I can see D.O and Jungwoo in his looks.”

“He’s so handsome; he reminds me of D.O a lot! SM seems to have a certain type.”

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