“What’s her plan?” — Kim Chung Ha’s stunning first appearance since leaving her former agency makes netizens curious

Today, on August 18, Kim Chung Ha, a singer who performs alone, met with reporters at the Incheon International Airport. She’s going to Mexico for a special event called ‘KAMP Fest 2023 CDMX in Mexico‘.

This is the first time people have seen Kim Chung Ha talking to the media since she left her first music company, MNH Entertainment, in April this year.

After leaving, she has been doing her work on her own, without any company, and she performed at events like ‘Water Bomb Incheon 2023‘ and ‘Water Bomb Busan 2023‘.

Fans are curious about what she will do next. They want to know if she will join a new company. Also, Kim Chung Ha doesn’t use her own social media accounts, so her fans hope she will start promoting herself again soon.

Netizens comments included:

“Kim Chung Ha is going to Mexico for a concert!”

“Fans want to know if she’ll sign with a new agency.”

“It’s her first time showing to the press since April.”

“I hope she updates her fans soon!”

“She did performances at ‘Water Bomb Incheon 2023’ and ‘Water Bomb Busan 2023’.”

“I can’t wait to see her on stage again!”

“Wonder who she will sign with, if at all.”

“Kim Chung Ha is such a talented artist!”

“Hope she has a great time in Mexico!”

“I wonder what’s her plan is.”

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