“Her reply is hillarious!” Jeon Somi Replies To A Supporter’s “Threat” To Send Protest Trucks

She said something about a fan’s TikTok.

A fan “threatened” to send protest cars, and K-Pop soloist Jeon Somi replied.

Somi recently made her long-awaited comeback with the record GAME PLAN and its title track, “Fast Forward.”

So, she had a party for fans to listen to her music via Stationhead. During it, she read a comment that asked her not to take another long break. The fan made a joke about sending protest cars.

Somi read out loud the comment and then answered. She said it was possible that the protest trucks would work, which seemed to encourage the fan.

“Please, Somi, don’t take another long break, or we’ll send protest trucks.” It could happen. Yes, please.
At the time of writing, 153.1K people had watched the highlight of the listening party. Original Poster was very surprised when Somi herself posted on the video…

…more than once. She didn’t just write an emoji of a heart. Somi also explained in the video that she was playing, even though her tone might have made some people think she was serious.

So, she told people in all caps not to send protest trucks because it wouldn’t work.

So, as Somi said, don’t try sending protest cars to the artist’s company; it won’t work.



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