“They look like babies” — NewJeans show their loveable side with cute age-perfect fashion on their way to Japan

The NewJeans members went to Japan to perform at an event called ‘SUMMER SONIC 2023‘ in Tokyo and Osaka.

On August 17, the five members – Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein – were spotted at Gimpo International Airport.

People online liked the clothes they wore and said things like:

“They’re really cute.”

“They look cute because their clothes match their age.”

“I like that they’re dressed appropriately for their age.”

“Hyein is young but looks like a grown-up model.”

“They look great in casual clothes.”

“They seem like little babies.”

“All of them look cute and lovable.”

“Their outfits are adorable.”

“I appreciate that they dress for their age and still look good in casual clothes.”

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