International Netizens Defend Ahn Bo Hyun From Malicious Hate Following BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Dating Confirmation

Earlier this month, the Korean entertainment industry and fans of Ahn Bo Hyun and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo received a piece of surprising news when it was announced that the two celebrities are in a romantic relationship with each other.

After the announcement, various online communities were abuzz for a while talking about Ahn Bo Hyun and Jisoo‘s relationship. 

While many fans congratulated the two, there were others who expressed bitterness toward the news.

Much of the hate was directed toward Ahn Bo Hyun. Some netizens and BLACKPINK fans expressed that Jisoo is out of the actor’s league.

These netizens filled various online communities with malicious comments such as “Jisoo, you could do much better,” “Jisoo’s standard for men is so low,” and “I’m disappointed that she is dating Ahn Bo Hyun.”

With the overflow of backlash towards Ahn Bo Hyun, K-netizens outpoured empathy and defended him from the hate.

They commented:

“I feel bad for Ahn Bo Hyun”

“I thought Ahn Bo Hyun was good. He’s good at acting and his personality seems to be kind. I don’t think he needs to use her to get popularity because their field of activity is different” 

“Even celebrities say Ahn Bo Hyun is good-looking, why are netizens making a fuss?”

“I thought he gained 2 million followers after the dating news with Jisoo.”

“I trust that she picked a good man. She likes him, and that is all that counts. Just let the couple be happy.”

“Who cares what korean netizens think. The only opinions that matter are the two that are dating and as long as they are happy together it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks.”

“I guess they are judging them by their fame they are. But the truth is that fame doesn’t last forever. They’re just people at the end of the day. And if, in the end, he turns out to be a good person, that should be enough.”

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