“I think second wedding is to much” — EXO’s Chen Announces Another Wedding Ceremony In October But Many Are Not Happy

EXO‘s Chen is planning to have another wedding ceremony, even though he’s been married for 3 years.

Korean internet users shared their opinions on a website about this news.

“SM is really impressive! But even if they’re impressive, female idols can’t do the same…”

“Chen lives his life freely, doing whatever he wants.”

“Wow, did they forget they had a private wedding before? Are they doing it again because they couldn’t invite people? That’s impressive.”

“Didn’t they already do this? Also, it’s strange to read ‘EXO’ and ‘father of two’ together.”

“Wait, he already has two kids???”

“Idols are humans too. I’m the type who understands when they marry and start a family, but he seems to be deceiving his fans a lot.”

“I like Chen as a singer. I’ve listened to all his solo albums, and I realized he’s not just an idol, but a person who wanted to get married. But having a second wedding now feels like too much.”

“I’m a fan of idols, and I do think Chen is being dishonest to his fans. But if he’s married already, it’s fine for him to live well. If he couldn’t have a proper wedding due to the pandemic and now wants to do it with a ceremony and photos, I think that’s alright. I think the comments saying he’s doing it for money from his friends are a bit harsh.”

“Those fans are so spoiled. They listen to the voice of the Idol because they think it’s their boyfriend singing for them. They bought the albums and everything else because, unknowingly, they thought that was the price to pay to be their imaginary boyfriend. Gosh. I still remember what Enhypen’s Sunghoon said. When a person wants to become a hero, they just want to sing and dance and make people happy.”

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