“Jealousy much?” — LE SSERAFIM’s first concert criticized by unhappy netizens for lack of performances, fans step in to defend

LE SSERAFIM‘s first concert on August 12th received a blend of positive reviews and criticism from fans.

While many praised the event, some expressed disappointment over the limited number of performances. The concert, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes, included lengthy member talks and video content, which prompted concerns from attendees.

One Twitter user voiced their dissatisfaction, stating, “I understand the need for idols to tour quickly, but charging 150,000 won for a 2.5-hour concert with half the time spent on member talks is disheartening.

The netizen went on to express hope that future concerts would be more song-focused and less talk-oriented.

They also highlighted that other agencies allow for solo stages and cover performances, a feature notably absent in HYBE‘s approach. The fan even drew a comparison to Enhypen‘s first concert.

Online, netizens chimed in with their thoughts:

“Before criticizing, consider that the concert had 18 songs. Judging without attending is unfair…”

“It’s clear someone’s just spamming negativity about LE SSERAFIM. Jealousy much?”

“Did they not perform all their songs? Given their recent debut, their song collection is understandably limited. What’s the issue here?”

“They did indeed perform all 18 songs, and remember, they’ve only been active for a year. Let’s cut them some slack.”

“Considering their short time in the industry, it’s only natural that they have a limited number of songs.”

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