Netflix revealed the panelists for “Single’s Inferno 3,” and the presence of an old contestant shocked Netizens

Single’s Inferno has been a hit with fans since it first aired in December 2021. The spontaneous dating reality show has had two sexy seasons and has shown viewers some of Korea’s rising stars.

Netflix announced earlier this year that the show would be back for a third season, so fans finally have something new to share.

Casting calls for the show’s third season were posted in March of this year, and one contestant even said they signed a contract for the show in a Reddit thread.

At first, he wasn’t sure if he was the right fit for what the show was looking for, so he thought about turning down the offer.

“At first, I thought it was weird because I’m the exact opposite of everyone else who has been on that show before: I’m a white guy from Los Angeles who speaks Korean well. I’m also gay.” — brgrantj/Reddit

He finally told the Internet users who were following the thread that he had signed the contract. Even better, the contestant said that the new season would come out in December, just like the last two seasons.

This short look at Single’s Inferno 3 showed that it will be different from the first two seasons.

Netflix says that there will be “even more heat” because both the rules and the hellish island will be changed.

In the most recent news from Netflix, the panelists for the next season of the show have been confirmed.

Fans will be happy to see some familiar faces, including a past contestant, back on the show.

Popular actor Lee Da Hee, comedian, model, and business owner Hong Jin Kyung, rapper Hanhae, and Kyuhyun from Super Junior are all on the panel again.

The newest panelist has been on Single’s Inferno before. During the second season, he was a famous contestant.

Kim Jin Young, also known as DEX, has been publicly invited to join the panelists. He will bring an insider’s view to their comments.

Fans couldn’t stop talking about how funny they thought it was that Kim Jin Young had so many plans and how excited they were that he was in the new season.



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