“Hip Perfection!” ITZY’s Yuna Stuns Fans with Mesmerizing Hip Line During ‘CAKE’ Performance on Mcount Down

ITZY member Yuna left fans awe-struck with her mesmerizing hip line during the group’s performance of their new song ‘CAKE’ on Mcount Down.

On August 3rd, the talented girl group ITZY took the stage on Mcount Down, donning colorful and patterned bottoms.

What caught the attention of fans was their choice to style the outfits with Low Rise, a fashion trend that hangs the bottoms lower on the hips.

While wearing Low Rise can create an illusion of slightly shorter legs, it proved to be the perfect style to accentuate Yuna‘s flawless hip line.

Whether it was the skillful styling or her natural body proportions, Yuna‘s hip line effortlessly stood out among the members, capturing the hearts of fans.

After witnessing ITZY‘s captivating performance, fans took to various platforms to shower Yuna with praises.

Many comments lauded her stunning appearance, with some dubbing her the ‘Hip Goddess.’ Admirers couldn’t help but marvel at Yuna‘s ability to showcase her advantages through her fashion choices.

Some fans marveled at Yuna‘s unique appeal, commenting, “Yuna’s hip line is truly amazing. She’s the ‘Hip Goddess’ for sure,” “Not everyone can make their hips look like that even with Low Rise… Yuna’s hip line is on another level,” “Other members have nice hip lines too, but Yuna’s stands out particularly.”

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Interestingly, the moment that solidified Yuna‘s status as the ‘Hip Goddess’ was when she covered Lee Hyori’s ‘U Go Girl’ at the ‘2022 KBS Gayo Daechukje.’

Dressed in a pink checkered crop shirt paired with jeans worn low on her hips, Yuna‘s stage presence was undeniably captivating.

Soon after the performance, Yuna‘s photos and videos flooded various online communities and social media platforms.

It was not only the quality of the stage that garnered attention but also her exceptional body proportions that left a lasting impression.

As of today (4th), the official YouTube video of Yuna‘s ‘U Go Girl’ stage uploaded by KBS has surpassed an impressive 1.65 million views, further cementing her status as a beloved member of ITZY and a true ‘Hip Goddess.’

ITZY continues to make waves with their performances, and Yuna’s magnetic presence is undoubtedly a major factor in the group’s growing popularity.

Fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the talented idol and her fellow ITZY members.



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