Netizens Are Intrigued After EXO’s D.O. Takes A Selfie With A Popular And Well-Known Female Contestant From “Single’s Inferno”

She even talked about how the meeting went.

Netizens couldn’t hide how surprised they were when EXO‘s D.O. showed up in a selfie with a famous contestant from a Korean reality show.

On July 25, D.O. went to the opening of his new movie, The Moon. As expected, the idol looked very good as he met fans and talked about the movie.

Yet, netizens couldn’t hide their surprise when the idol took a picture with a popular contestant from the hit Netflix reality show at the launch. It was Single’s Inferno, and Nadine was the one who sang it.

Even though Nadine didn’t find love on the island while she was on the show, she won over fans with her good looks, charming attitude, and intelligence when it came out that she was studying medicine at university.

On July 25, Nadine wrote on Instagram that she had gone to the premiere of The Moon and shared a picture of the cats, which included EXO’s D.O.

Even though it’s not unusual for reality stars to go to big events, Internet users were shocked and excited when Nadine shared a selfie with D.O. on her Instagram account.

When the picture went viral, netizens talked about how they felt about it because it was one of the most unexpected things to happen.

After the picture was taken, it wasn’t surprising that people on the Internet wanted to know what Nadine had in common with D.O. Lucky for us, Nadine was ready to talk about her “fangirl” moment.

After the event, she went on Instagram Live to talk about what happened.

I would say, “I got to meet my long-lost fangirl moment. I met D.O. from EXO because he is a friend of my uncle. Yes, it was a lot of fun.” — Nadine

Even though it’s not unusual for celebrities in the Korean entertainment business as a whole to meet each other, fans probably never expected D.O. and Nadine to meet.



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