aespa’s Karina surprises fans with a major hair change, totally leaving her iconic long hair behind

aespa‘s Karina recently bid farewell to her signature long hair that she has been rocking since her debut in 2020.

The idol surprised fans by opting for a totally different look with a shorter, shoulder-length hairdo.

She unveiled this fresh hairstyle during her “Star River Video Call Event” on July 26.

The pictures of Karina with her new hair spread like wildfire across the internet, and netizens couldn’t help but fall in love with her new appearance.

They’re excited to see Karina embracing a different vibe from her usual long hair. Many comments poured in expressing admiration and support for her new look:

“She looks stunning with any hairstyle!”

“Wow, she’s so pretty!”

“Her beauty is out of this world.”

“She resembles Winter!”

“This is legendary, she’s both handsome and pretty.”

“I can’t believe how amazing she looks, I want to date Karina!”

“Short hair suits her perfectly, she looks gorgeous.”

“Wait, who are you talking to? Not me, right?”

“Her face shape is so beautiful; she can rock any look!”

“Karina is my ultimate bias!”

“She gives me Taeyeon vibes.”

“OMG, she looks even prettier with short hair?? Mind-blown!”

“I feel like we have couple hair~ But she’s so stunning, it’s unreal!”

How do you like Karina‘s short hair?



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