“That is too much” — GOT7’s Jackson caught off guard as fan forcefully pulls him from car during Thailand event

GOT7‘s Jackson was taken aback when a fan forcibly pulled him out of his car during an event in Thailand on July 22.

Fatigued from the event, he was leaving the building when a masked woman suddenly appeared and grabbed the back of his shirt, trying to pull him out of the car.

The incident was captured on video by another fan and quickly circulated online. Although initially surprised, Jackson‘s anxiety was relieved when a staff member intervened.

After regaining his composure, he asked about the woman’s identity and reassured his fans by waving to them.

Concerns have been raised about the adequacy of Jackson‘s bodyguards in handling such situations. Subsequently, his Thai fans posted an apology online for the incident.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time Jackson has experienced unwelcome contact from a fan.

During his ‘Magic Man‘ world tour concert in Brazil last May, he invited a fan onstage who ended up crossing boundaries and inappropriately touching him.



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