Netizens say Jang Wonyoung’s reaction to child trying to approach her is “normal”, haters are just “overreacting”

IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung, is facing criticism from a conservative online community known as ‘moms‘ cafe,’ where mothers discuss various topics and share information.

The controversy arose when a young boy approached Jang Wonyoung in a recent incident. Unaware of the child approaching, she instinctively recoiled when the boy tried to touch her.

A road manager intervened to prevent further contact with the IVE members, including Gaeul, who was walking behind Jang Wonyoung.

While many onlookers perceived Jang Wonyoung‘s reaction as normal, some users on the ‘moms’ cafe’ saw it differently.

One user, who shared an edited clip of the incident, criticized her for being cold to the child and praised another K-Pop idol, Junho, for handling a similar situation differently by smiling brightly at the child.

Others chimed in, commenting on the facial expression of the girl with short hair behind Jang Wonyoung and making negative remarks about her manners.

The issue has sparked anger among netizens in various online communities, with some expressing sympathy for Jang Wonyoung and disapproval towards the ‘moms‘ cafe’ community.

Netizens comments included:

“I think people are overreacting here. It’s natural to be surprised when someone unexpectedly approaches you, especially if you’re a celebrity. Let’s cut Jang Wonyoung some slack.”

“Honestly, this seems blown out of proportion. She didn’t do anything wrong; it was just a reflexive reaction. The ‘moms’ cafe’ users should understand that.”

“As a mom myself, I don’t see any issue with Jang Wonyoung’s reaction. The road manager did the right thing by ensuring the child’s safety, and that’s what matters.”

“Comparing her to Junho is unfair. Each person reacts differently in such situations. Let’s not create unnecessary drama over this.”

“I feel bad for Jang Wonyoung; she’s probably getting so much unnecessary hate from these online communities. People should focus on more important matters.”

“Those negative comments on the girl with short hair behind her are uncalled for. Let’s not drag others into this just to add fuel to the fire.”

“Celebrities are human too, and they have their moments of surprise or discomfort. It’s crucial to remember that they deserve respect and understanding.”

“This incident sheds light on the pressures celebrities face. It’s not easy being under constant scrutiny, and one small action can be blown out of proportion.”

“I hope Jang Wonyoung doesn’t take these comments to heart. Let’s promote kindness and empathy rather than spreading negativity.”

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