“He looks timeless” — Glimpses of actor Won Bin living a regular life in the countryside surface online

In a recent update, the well-known actor Won Bin showcased how gracefully he has embraced the serene and peaceful life of the countryside after a successful career in the bustling world of Korean entertainment.

Fans and the public alike are curious and admire his decision to step away from the limelight.

Won Bin‘s whereabouts have always been a subject of significant interest among various online communities, with fans eagerly waiting for him to return to the silver screen.

It has been twelve years since Won Bin‘s last appearance in any work, which was in the acclaimed film ‘The Man From Nowhere,’ where he portrayed the character of Cha Tae Sik.

The movie received much acclaim and remains one of his most recognized works. Since then, Won Bin hasn’t been seen in any movies or dramas for twelve years.

Recently, a netizen shared that Won Bin has been attending cooking classes in the countryside, where he has been handcrafting sesame oil and sharing it with his acquaintances.

This revelation confirmed that Won Bin is genuinely adjusting to his tranquil country life.

Netizens comments included:

“I still believe there’s no actor who can match Won Bin’s looks. I really hope he comes back to the screen.”

“Even in the countryside, he looks like he’s posing for a pictorial. So stylish!”

“I understand he’s careful in choosing his projects, and I’m happy he’s content, but I miss seeing him in new works. It’s been over 10 years!”

“Living in the countryside like him would be a dream come true if I had the means.”

“He’s always been handsome, and he’s still as good-looking as ever!”

“I wouldn’t mind receiving some of that sesame oil too!”

“How does he manage not to age? He looks timeless.”

“At least start a YouTube channel so we can see you more often!”

“Hey, Won Bin, can you share some of that sesame oil with me too?”

“I don’t mind that he’s leading a slower-paced life. As long as he’s happy, that’s what matters.”

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