NewJeans’ Haerin earns new nickname for rocking the hippie perm hair

NewJeansHaerin‘s latest haircut is causing quite a buzz.

On an online forum, fans were completely captivated by the adorable hairstyle flaunted by Haerin that netizens even gave her a new nickname “hippie cat“, in their most recent physical album.

The pictures featured in their second EP, titled ‘Get Up,’ showcased Haerin donning a delightful ‘hippie perm,’ a trendy look gaining popularity in Korea.

This particular hairstyle emphasizes the allure of long, voluminous hair styled in tight curls, reminiscent of the 80s fashion trend.

Adding to the retro ambiance, Haerin‘s bangs were fashioned into cute ‘baby perms,’ while the makeup and butterfly motif decorations further evoke the nostalgic ‘hippie‘ concepts from previous decades.

Netizens’ reactions include:

“Wow, she looks fantastic with that style. So incredibly hip!”

“So, so good!”

“She’s got so many charms. My favorite these days.”

“Absolutely lovely…”

“Is there any style she can’t pull off?”

“With her doll-like beauty, any concept would suit her.”

“Our cat!!”

“She’s so pretty and adorable.”

“A hippie cat.”

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