IVE’s Jang Wonyoung’s recent hair game wins hearts as netizens rush to save her stunning photos

IVE recently concluded their fan concert tour, “The Prom Queens“, which spanned twelve captivating shows across South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand.

The performances by all the members, including the mesmerizing idol Jang Wonyoung, dazzled the stage with their incredible talents and beauty.

Jang Wonyoung, who is no stranger to going viral for her stunning looks, continued to garner attention even after the tour ended.

On July 21, a Jang Wonyoung fansite shared some candid shots of the idol taken during the Bangkok show on July 9, and the internet was instantly captivated.

One photo, in particular, captured her in the midst of a hair flip during a performance. Unlike her previous viral moments that usually focused on her face, this time, it was her long and luxurious hair that stole the spotlight.

The picture became even more enchanting when Jang Wonyoung‘s gaze met the camera directly, taking her beauty to the next level.

Netizens were once again entranced by Jang Wonyoung‘s beauty, and the pictures quickly amassed over 480,000 views on Twitter, spreading like wildfire on Korean blogging sites.

Comments poured in from amazed netizens:

“Wow, she must be working out a lot. She looks both strong and beautiful.”

“She truly resembles a character straight out of a manhwa.”

“A true princess.”

“I’m saving these pictures in my camera roll!”

“She looks like a doll.”

“With her hair styled that way, she’s exactly like that adorable puppy Jang Wonyoung character.”

“How many ribbons did you use, princess? I can only see your lovely face.”

“What?! This is mind-blowing; she doesn’t even look real, LOL. I thought she was AI-generated.”

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