“Are they not in good terms?” Keen-eyed Netizens Noticed that BIGBANG G-Dragon Unfollowed T.O.P on Instagram

In a surprising turn of events, recent allegations have arisen claiming that G-Dragon, known by his real name Kwon Ji-yong and a prominent member of the legendary K-pop group BIGBANG, has blocked the social media account of his former bandmate T.O.P, whose real name is Choi Seung-hyun.

Speculations began to circulate on various social media platforms, including Twitter, on July 21st, as fans noticed a change in the interactions between G-Dragon and T.O.P on their respective accounts. These suspicions are primarily based on three significant observations:

Firstly, netizens pointed out the ‘deleted photos.’ G-Dragon seemingly took down a heartfelt picture that he had posted in November 2020, commemorating T.O.P‘s 34th birthday.

Additionally, various other posts related to T.O.P were noticeably absent from G-Dragon‘s account.

Secondly, keen-eyed fans discovered that G-Dragon had ‘unfollowed’ T.O.P‘s SNS account. It was revealed that G-Dragon had been following T.O.P‘s account from his private account, but surprisingly, that connection was also severed.

The most compelling evidence was the ‘disappeared likes.’ Followers had previously observed G-Dragon and T.O.P frequently engaging with each other’s posts, indicating a friendly rapport between the two.

However, the recent observations revealed that likes from G-Dragon were no longer visible on T.O.P‘s posts, and vice versa.

These findings led to speculation that the situation might be more than a mere ‘unfollowing’ of each other’s accounts.

Netizens suggested that G-Dragon might have taken the step of blocking T.O.P, as doing so would result in all their previous ‘likes’ vanishing.

The sheer number of posts makes manually ‘unliking’ them a daunting task, further adding to the credibility of these claims.

Coincidentally, T.O.P had previously made an official announcement of his departure from BIGBANG through his social media last month.

Responding to a fan’s query about his status with the group, T.O.P unequivocally stated, “I have already left (BIGBANG).”

Furthermore, he emphasized that he had previously communicated his decision to leave the iconic K-pop group, adding, “I already told you that I left BIGBANG. I am facing a new chapter in my life since last year.”

T.O.P further expressed his distancing from the group by sharing an article that mentioned ‘BIGBANG T.O.P,’ where he intentionally crossed out the ‘BIGBANG‘ part and placed an ‘X’ mark over it.

Presently, T.O.P is embarking on a fresh venture into the world of acting, aiming for a comeback with his appearance in ‘Squid Game Season 2.’

As the situation unfolds, fans and netizens remain curious about the dynamics between the former BIGBANG members and whether any clarification will be provided by either party.



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