Singer Sandara Park revealed an incident where she had her phone taken away by the CEO after debuting as a member of 2NE1

Sandara Park, the renowned singer who rose to fame as a member of the girl group 2NE1 under YG Entertainment, recently shared a surprising incident involving the CEO of the company.

During her appearance on JTBC’s ‘Jjandangpo’ on July 18th, Sandara Park captivated the audience with her eloquent speech and an unexpected revelation.

To the astonishment of everyone present, Sandara Park unveiled a relic from the past—a folder phone named ‘Lollipop’ that she had used a whopping 14 years ago.

This particular phone held great significance as it was a model associated with the success of 2NE1 during their early days.

During the discussion, Sandara Park shed light on an intriguing event involving the CEO of the agency.

She disclosed, “Back then, I had this precious phone taken away by the CEO, only to retrieve it later,” and divulged, “It was due to Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon).”

The revelation left the audience intrigued about the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Recollecting her early days of immense popularity, Sandara Park reminisced about the challenges of managing numerous calls from various individuals.

However, she amusingly shared that she did not hide this from the CEO. Sandara Park stated, “Even when men contacted me, I ignored them. I didn’t reply or answer their calls.”

She added a curious anecdote, mentioning that one man, feeling upset, complained to G-Dragon, saying, “Why isn’t Dara noona contacting me?” This incident piqued the audience’s curiosity.

Sandara Park went on to reveal G-Dragon‘s reaction upon hearing the story, sharing, G-Dragon was delighted by it.”

She explained, “As 2NE1 was the first girl group to emerge from YG Entertainment, our pride, when he heard that our sister had deceived such a person, he was so pleased that he spread the rumor within the company.

Eventually, the rumors mentioned by G-Dragon reached the ears of the CEO.

Amidst laughter, Sandara Park humorously recounted how the CEO misunderstood her actions, assuming she was in contact with a man during her early debut and confiscating her phone.

Consequently, she humorously stated, “I spent several months without a phone.”

When fellow guest Hong Jin Kyung commented that G-Dragon must have felt sorry for the misunderstanding, Sandara Park shared her perspective, saying, “I don’t think he genuinely felt sorry.”

Her response left the audience in awe.

During the program, Sandara Park also took the opportunity to commend G-Dragon. Despite being older than him, she highlighted their close relationship, explaining that G-Dragon, as their junior group since his debut with Big Bang, took great care of them.

Sandara Park emphasized G-Dragon‘s involvement in assisting them with stylist selection, providing advice on outfits, and even offering guidance for their stage performances.

Sandara Park‘s revelations on ‘Jjandangpo’ shed light on a memorable incident from her career, showcasing both the amusing and heartwarming dynamics within the music industry.

Her story further highlighted the bond between Sandara Park and G-Dragon, solidifying their camaraderie beyond the boundaries of seniority.



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