“Ballads suit her perfectly” — aespa Winter’s captivating performance of “Farewell Under the Sun” on “Lee Mujin Service” leaves netizens spellbound

aespa‘s Winter made a captivating appearance on Lee Mujin’s show on July 18, KST, where she engaged in a lively conversation covering various topics.

Adding to the excitement, Winter showcased her enchanting vocals by delivering a heartfelt rendition of “I’m Unhappy” with a fresh acoustic arrangement.

The performance video of Winter and Lee Mujin singing “Farewell Under the Sun” also garnered a positive response from Korean netizens.

Users flooded the comment section, expressing their admiration for Winter‘s singing prowess.

Netizens commented:

“Her singing skills are absolutely incredible!”

“Her interpretation of ‘Farewell Under the Sun’ was mind-blowing…”

“The song choice, her vocal performance, and even her appearance were all astonishing.”

“I already knew she was talented, but she exceeded my expectations. Just like Lee Mujin mentioned, Winter‘s control over volume and her tone are truly exceptional. I didn’t have high hopes for ballads, but she proved to be exceptionally skilled at them. She diligently took lessons and even attended a vocal academy during her break, which clearly paid off. As a fan, I am extremely grateful. The best kind of idol is the one who can make their fans proud with their abilities.”

“My ears were melting. LONDON was unbelievably goodㅠㅠ I also enjoy R&B, but I believe authentic ballads suit her perfectly.”

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