Netizens Were Overwhelmed At The Difference Between Haechan’s NCT 127 And NCT DREAM Appearances

“A great way to show how powerful make-up can be.”

No matter how pretty or handsome a K-Pop star is, their outfit, hair, and makeup can always make them look better or worse.

Fans recently realized this because Haechan‘s style for NCT 127 and NCT DREAM is very different from his style for NCT 127.

Haechan looks good, and nothing can really change that. Fans think that his style as a member of NCT 127, especially with his hair, fits him much better than his style with NCT DREAM.

For his NCT 127 schedule, Haechan dresses like a prince and does his hair and makeup in a way that makes him look like a prince.

His tanned skin is shining, his eyes are bright and clear, and his silky black hair is full of volume!

He still looks good in the style he had around the same time for NCT DREAM, but it doesn’t suit him as well.

His hair is a lot flatter and covers his eyes, which is one of the things that makes him so cute.

Fans also think that the color of his foundation doesn’t fit him as well, and that his makeup overall just doesn’t look as good on him.

On an online forum post, fans shared and compared these pictures. Fans who left comments agreed with the author that Haechan‘s style for NCT DREAM should be more like how it is for NCT 127.

Plus, they love how he looks like a prince in general.

Haechan is always a sight, though, no matter how he looks.



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