BTS’ Jin Was Thanked By A Brazilian Fan For “Saving Her Life” After Rescuing Her From Robbery — Here’s How He Did It

A Brazilian woman named Natalia from Paraná state, Brazil, had a fortunate escape from a robbery recently, all thanks to a clever trick involving a military service photo of BTS member Jin.

As reported on July 18th by Brazilian media RIC Mais, the 21-year-old Natalia managed to evade a robbery attempt earlier in the month by displaying a photo of Jin wearing his military uniform while serving in the active-duty army on her phone case.

Natalia said, “When he got the phone out of my hand, he turned it around and looked at the photo. He must have thought my boyfriend was in the military, since he didn’t steal it. “.

She added, “The student said that the person who attacked him gave the phone back and then ran away“.

Netizens had a field day with this amusing incident and shared their thoughts:

“Haha, that’s impressive!”

“I initially thought the soldier in the photo was just a handsome guy, but it turned out to be Jin!”

“Her BTS bias protected her, lol!”

“I don’t know much about BTS, but when I saw the first picture, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Oh, he’s handsome…haha.'”

“What a relief, lol!”

“I couldn’t recognize Jin at first, but I just thought he looked like a flower boy and scrolled down.”

“This is a great life hack for traveling overseas!”

“This is so hilarious! By the way, what’s up with Jin’s visuals? Haha!”

“Phew, what a relief, haha!”

“Haha, I’m totally doing this right away!”

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