“The Heirs” Stars Kim Woo Bin and Krystal Spotted Together Once Again, This Time at Wimbledon

Actor Kim Woo Bin and f(x)‘s Krystal were spotted together at the famous Wimbledon tennis stadium, creating quite a buzz.

On July 16th, the duo made an appearance at the men’s singles final of the 2023 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, held at the prestigious All England Club Centre Court in London, UK, captivating the attention of fans.

During the match, Kim Woo Bin and Krystal were seen seated behind renowned actor Andrew Garfield, widely recognized for his portrayal of “Spider-Man.” Their presence in the audience added to the excitement of the event.

Notably, the game also drew several other A-list celebrities, including pop star Ariana Grande, actors Tom Hiddleston and Daniel Craig, as well as the couple Rachel Weisz and Emma Watson.

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Interestingly, Kim Woo Bin and Krystal share a history of collaboration, having worked together in the 2013 drama series “The Heirs.

Despite the passage of time, they have maintained their friendship, as demonstrated by their joint attendance at a fashion brand SS Collection event in California, USA, in October of the previous year.

The two even shared photos from the event, showcasing their bond and camaraderie.

Netizens have expressed their excitement and curiosity about Kim Woo Bin and Krystal‘s reunion at Wimbledon:

“OMG! I can’t believe Kim Woo Bin and Krystal were together at Wimbledon! They look amazing!”

“Wow, they are both so stylish! I wonder if they’re dating?”

“This is the ultimate dream crossover! Kim Woo Bin and Krystal in one place!”

“Andrew Garfield, Kim Woo Bin, and Krystal in one frame? This is too much for my heart!”

“It’s great to see these talented stars supporting each other. Such a wonderful friendship!”

“I need to know the brand they were wearing at the event. They always have the best fashion sense!”

“Kim Woo Bin and Krystal are so underrated. They deserve all the love and attention!”

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