NewJeans’ Danielle Steps Out In A Long “Ponytail” For “Super Shy” MV And Netizens Are Freaking Out About It

Netizens are abuzz with excitement over NewJeansDanielle‘s striking resemblance to a real-life doll, generating a flurry of comments on an online forum.

The members of NewJeans have once again caught the attention of netizens with their latest music video for “Super Shy,” where Danielle‘s ponytail styling left a lasting impression.

The majority of netizens unanimously agreed that her current hairstyle and makeup flawlessly accentuated her tall and slender figure, as well as her petite face and unique facial features.

In response to Danielle‘s doll-like appearance, netizens flooded the comment section with expressions of admiration, comparing her to a beautiful doll come to life.

Some of the phrases used include:

“It’s like a doll come to life.”

“I am grateful for my eyes.”

“She looks like a stunning teenager.”

“She’s already so beautiful at such a young age.”

“She is an absolute queen.”

“She looks incredibly stunning!”

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

“She walks like a doll.”

“How can someone look that amazing with their hair pulled back?”

“I’ve only seen looks like this in movies… whoa.”

Prior to this discussion, netizens were engaged in a debate about whether Danielle looks best with space buns or a ponytail.

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