“Even gov’t agencies want her!” Lee Hyori who announced her intention to resume commercials, was flooded by big companies wanting her as ambassador

Lee Hyori Receives Overwhelming Interest from Major Corporations and Government Agencies for Commercial Endorsements

Seoul, July 15, 2023 – Lee Hyori‘s announcement of her intention to return to commercial endorsements has sparked a frenzy among numerous major corporations and government agencies, all vying to secure her as their brand ambassador.

On July 13th, Lee Hyori took to her Instagram to declare her desire to participate in advertisements once again, stating, “I want to do advertisements again. For advertising inquiries, please contact Antenna Music.”

Following her announcement, the comments section of her post became a battleground as official accounts from various industries, including well-known corporations and government agencies, inundated her with persuasive comments.

The officials behind these corporate accounts showcased their sense of humor and engaged in a playful competition to capture Lee Hyori‘s attention.

Notably, the popular coffee chain “Twosome Place” seized the opportunity when Lee Hyori shared a photo of herself wearing a checkered shirt, commenting, “Is the message in the shirt you’re wearing now red, black… a message to Twosome Place, Hyori unnie?”

Kakao Pay chimed in, asking, “Can we send the payment right now?

CJ CheilJedang humorously inquired, “Is this the place where we have to attach a sticker if we want to sign an advertising contract with Hyori unnie?

Meanwhile, Ace Bed playfully scolded, saying, “Bogum-ie (current model Park Bogum) was a bit late in sensing the situation.”

In addition to these interactions, companies such as Coupang, BC Card, Asiana Airlines, Hyundai Outlet, 7-Eleven, Emart24, and BMW Korea swiftly left comments, eager to catch up and demonstrate their interest.

Even in the chicken industry, Nolbo Chicken went above and beyond, changing their official account ID to ‘Hyori and Chicken’ to highlight their dedication.

They expressed their commitment, saying, “We were late because we had to confirm the channel name (change).”

However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Government departments and various local governments are also keen on having Lee Hyori as their promotional ambassador.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, the National Folk Museum of Korea, Geumcheon District Office in Seoul, Guro Cultural Foundation in Seoul, Dong-gu in Daejeon, and many others have reached out to Lee Hyori.

Netizens who witnessed this extraordinary response exclaimed their awe, with comments such as, “Wow, all the companies came out in the comments. She’s a real superstar,” “Her influence is incredible,” “Class is eternal,” and “It’s amazing to see all the official accounts rushing in.”

As the competition intensifies to secure Lee Hyori‘s collaboration, the anticipation grows for her return to the advertising world and the future partnerships she will forge with renowned brands.



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