“Her professionalism is admirable!” Director Son’s Astonishment on IVE’s Jang Wonyoung’s Arm Injury Comes to Light, Amazes All

Seoul, South Korea – In a recent revelation, it was discovered that Jang Wonyoung of the popular K-pop group IVE had sustained an injury while filming and required seven stitches in the emergency room.

Despite the unforeseen setback, the young idol displayed remarkable determination and showed no signs of difficulty throughout the ordeal.

The news surrounding Jang Wonyoung‘s injury and her unwavering spirit emerged belatedly, shedding light on her resilience. The revelation came during a guest appearance by director Son Seung Hee on MBC FM4U’s “GOT7 Youngjae’s Close Friend” radio show, which aired on the 12th.

Director Son, who directed IVE‘s music video for “I AM,” took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Jang Wonyoung, particularly among her fellow group members.

During the show, he shared, “I have never officially mentioned it, but Jang Wonyoung injured her arm while dancing on set and had to receive seven stitches. I was extremely surprised by the incident.”

The injury occurred when Jang Wonyoung was passionately performing on set, leaving the director taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.

As a result, the production was unable to proceed with approximately two remaining episodes.

Remarkably, Jang Wonyoung exhibited an extraordinary level of commitment by visiting the emergency room for two consecutive days to receive the necessary stitches.

She swiftly returned to the set, showcasing her unwavering dedication despite the pain she endured.

What was even more awe-inspiring was her ability to conceal any signs of hardship during filming. Director Son remarked, “I was amazed by her strength. If I were in her shoes at that age, I would have shown it.”

Furthermore, Director Son shared his firsthand experience while monitoring the set, saying, “The choreography for ‘I AM’ requires graceful and uninhibited arm movements. As I watched, I could feel the pain in my own arm. Witnessing her conquer the powerful choreography while dealing with discomfort truly tugged at my heart.”

Even in the face of adversity, Jang Wonyoung demonstrated utmost professionalism throughout the filming process, meticulously monitoring her performance without revealing any signs of pain.

Director Son emphasized that the lasting impression she left on him was profound.

He further conveyed, “Among the idols that people admire, there would have been many who couldn’t have persevered as she did if it hadn’t been for Jang Wonyoung‘s injury.”

Jang Wonyoung‘s story serves as a testament to her remarkable strength and resilience as an artist. Despite the challenges she faced, she exemplified true professionalism and determination, garnering admiration from both her colleagues and fans alike.

As Jang Wonyoung continues her journey in the world of K-pop, her unwavering spirit and dedication are bound to inspire countless others in their own pursuits.



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