(G)I-DLE’s captivating live skills steal the spotlight with ‘Queencard’ at an acquaintance’s wedding, impressing netizens

The “Queencard” craze has reached a wedding venue as (G)I-DLE performed the hit single at a friend’s wedding.

Photos and videos of their special performance quickly spread on social media through attending guests.

The bride and groom watched as the girl group transformed the venue into their own concert hall, even playfully mentioning the couple’s names during the song.

A video of the performance circulated on Korean online communities, with one person writing, “It’s hilarious that (G)I-DLE attended a friend’s wedding as a group and sang ‘Queencard’ as a congratulatory song.They even personalized it by mentioning the couple’s names in the middle. LOL! It’s also worth noting that Miyeon from (G)I-DLE acted as the officiator!“.

Netizens expressed their thoughts on the post, leaving comments such as, “Miyeon’s live performance is outstanding,” “Their live performance is mind-blowing,” “They never disappoint with their voices,” and “I’m so envious of the couple!

Meanwhile, “Queencard” has reached the number one spot on Circle Chart’s National Digital Singles ranking, almost two months after its release on May 15th.

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