HYBE Labels’ fansign event overshadowed by scandal as attendees accuse them of conducting inappropriate body search

HYBE Labels under fire for alleged inappropriate body search conducted during fansign event

The online community is abuzz with discussions surrounding the controversial incident that occurred during a fansign event organized by HYBE Labels, which has sparked outrage among fans.

On July 8, the popular Japanese boy group &TEAM, managed by HYBE Labels Japan, held a fansign event in South Korea. However, one attendee took to an online platform to share a disturbing experience they had during the event.

The author of the post, titled “Invasive Body Search Conducted by HYBE during Fansign Event,” recounted how a staff member at the event performed a body search that went beyond the boundaries of appropriateness.

The search included touching the participant’s chest and questioning the presence of a watch. Subsequently, the individual was escorted to a private area where they were asked to expose their underwear for inspection.

This invasive procedure left the participant feeling deeply humiliated and violated in terms of their human rights.

The staff member justified their actions by claiming they were taking precautionary measures to identify any hidden recording devices, such as smartwatches or electronic devices. However, it was clear that the search went far beyond what could be considered a routine security check.

Following the publication of the post, it quickly gained traction and has become a hot topic on Twitter in South Korea.

Many netizens have expressed their outrage and disappointment regarding the incident, demanding an explanation and appropriate action from HYBE Labels.

However, as of now, the company has remained silent and has not issued any official response to address the concerns raised by fans and the online community.

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