New “plagiarism” claims have been made against NewJeans — Here’s why International Netizens are laughing them off

This isn’t the first time that the group has been accused of copying someone else’s work.

Funny copying claims have been made against NewJeans.

On June 26, NewJeans surprised their fans by putting out a sneak peek of their next song, “ASAP.”

In the clip, the members had flower crowns on top of their blonde hair, which made them look like they were from another world.

Then, on June 28, an online post called “NewJeans‘ Teaser Plagiarism Controversy” went popular.

In the post, the author posts several pictures of Park Myung Soo from the famous variety show Infinite Challenge.

Park Myung Soo also has blonde hair and a flower crown in the pictures.Netizens couldn’t help but laugh at the similarity, and many were surprised by how similar the two things were.

Fans also said that, once again, Infinite Challenge had seen into the future.

“Is it again Infinite Challenge? LOL.”
“No wonder… Jokingly, I thought the idea looked familiar.
“Members of Infinite Challenge are basically seers.”
“Without Infinite Challenge, the world would stop turning.”
“At this point, NewJeans looks up to Infinite Challenge.”
“I think the original was better”
“Didn’t NewJeans already make a copy of Infinite Challenge?”

This isn’t the first time a NewJeans idea went popular because it reminded people of a well-known show. Before, it was said that the group “stole” the idea for “Ditto” from the show.

So, what do you think? Do you think that Infinite Challenge knew what would happen?

Check out the NewJeans video in the meantime by clicking on the link below.



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