“Did Bvlgari Pay Her 10 Billion Won?” BLACKPINK Lisa’s Bangless Look Creates Buzz at Bvlgari Serpenti 75th Anniversary Event

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa Stuns Fans as She Appears Without Bangs at Bvlgari Event

Seoul, South Korea – BLACKPINK member Lisa made headlines once again as she attended the prestigious “Bvlgari Serpenti 75th Anniversary: The Endless Story” event on June 28th.

The talented idol, known for her unique style and captivating performances, surprised fans by ditching her signature bangs for a bold and refreshing look.

The star-studded event, held at the International Gallery in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, attracted numerous celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

Lisa, accompanied by her fellow group members, stole the spotlight with her stunning appearance.

Donning an eye-catching white dress that accentuated her graceful figure, Lisa confidently revealed her bare back, earning admiration from the attendees.

However, what truly caught everyone’s attention was Lisa‘s decision to go without bangs. The 2020 episode of JTBC’s popular variety show, “Ask Us Anything,” resurfaced in fans’ minds, as Lisa had previously expressed her reluctance to expose her forehead.

During the show, Lisa humorously declared, “I would reveal my forehead for 10 billion won.” Unfazed by the astonishing amount, she boldly added, “I wouldn’t do it even for 10 billion won!

Amidst playful banter among the group members, one of them asked, “What about 5 billion won?” After a moment of contemplation, Lisa teasingly responded, “Maybe I can reveal half of it,” evoking laughter from the studio.

This unexpected transformation left fans in awe, as Lisa‘s reluctance to showcase her forehead had been well-known.

Speculation arose among some attendees, jokingly suggesting that Lisa may have received the promised 10 billion won just for this event, considering how fearlessly she bared her forehead.

The “Bvlgari Serpenti 75th Anniversary” event was not only graced by Lisa but also saw the attendance of other notable personalities from the entertainment industry.

Celebrities such as Lim Ji Yeon, Lee Seo Jin, Shin Ye Eun, Lee Sang Yi, Hwasa from the group MAMAMOO, Super Junior‘s Donghae, and Felix from Stray Kids added their own charm and elegance to the occasion, making it an unforgettable night.

Lisa‘s bold fashion statement and her confident display without bangs continue to captivate fans worldwide.

As BLACKPINK‘s global popularity soars, fans eagerly anticipate what surprises Lisa and the group have in store for their future endeavors.



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