BLACKPINK’s Lisa is a Certified Backless Stunner at BVLGARI’s Seoul Event!

There is just something different about Lisa and BVLGARI.

Lisa of BLACKPINK shocked fans when she wore all white to a BVLGARI event in Seoul and looked like an angel.

Since becoming a BVLGARI ambassador, Lisa has never failed to surprise fans with her looks and personality when she promotes the brand at global events.

Lisa is well-known at BVLGARI events, so it’s not strange that netizens couldn’t hide their excitement when they heard she would be at an event in Seoul.

Even before the event, Lisa was a hot topic around the world as netizens waited for the star to show up.

Even before the Korean media got pictures of Lisa, fans waiting at the place got pictures of the moment she got out of the car.

Lisa was seen wearing a beautiful, long, and elegant white dress, which made people even more excited.

The Korean media didn’t let anyone down, though. They shared pictures of Lisa‘s full look right away.

Lisa was wearing a cream satin dress with an open back that made her look like she was straight out of Hollywood.

Lisa is an idol, so it makes sense that she gave the reporters some aegyo. Even though it didn’t match the dress’s classy look, Lisa showed she was the perfect idol by making it work.

Lisa also showed her unbelievable double life in movies from the press. One minute, she looked like the perfect model as she met the cameras and let everyone get the best shots of her.

The next time I saw Lisa, she was having fun with the media and laughing with them as she tried to strike the perfect pose in her beautiful dress.

Lisa always looks good and has a lot of charm when she goes to events.

Fans and the press are always reminded by the idol’s grace and style that she also has a lot of charm and personality.



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