“Daddy, please step on me!” Actor Jung Hae In Looks Seductive And Dark In Luxury Photoshoot

More pictures from Jung Hae In‘s photoshoot with MEN Noblesse and expensive watch brand Tag Heuer have been released, and they are great!

Before, only the paper covers were available to the public, and they were already beautiful.

Fans were able to see the rest of the shots this time. The actor who played Snowdrop went for a moody and dark look. He was caught on camera standing in front of cars…

…and he looked very handsome in a brown suit.

In one shot, the lights around him and the way he moved his hand made it look like he was “smoking” a cigarette.

The other shots were just as beautiful, and the 35-year-old actor’s handsome face and strong body made him look hotter than ever.

Fans who saw the picture in the magazine couldn’t believe what they saw.

People told him that he was “so hot” and “a little too fine.”

They loved the idea of him being a bad boy and wanted him to do more photoshoots with Tag Heuer. Let’s hope that dream comes true!

In the meantime, check out the story below to see what netizens had to say about the photoshoot covers.



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