“God, forgive me for I have saved!” BTOB’s Lee Min Hyuk is Going Viral For His Sexy Wet And Wild Look At “WATERBOMB”

Even the people in his group wanted to see him without a shirt on.

The “Waterbomb Festival” is one of the most popular music series. It is now held all over the world. At each event, K-Pop idols and other entertainers act on stage while water is thrown at them and the crowd.

Sumni, BLACKSWAN, and STAYC were just some of the idols who went to the event this year.

Solo singer Kwon Eunbi even went viral because of how sexy she looked and acted during her set, which shocked netizens.

Minhyuk of BTOB got a lot of attention for how he looked during the group’s show, in part because he wasn’t dressed like the others.

Fans of Minhyuk know a lot about the idol’s skills and looks. In the past few years, Minhyuk has worked hard at the gym and built up muscles that any bodybuilder would be jealous of.

When BTOB‘s set started, Minhyuk, like the other members, was fully dressed. However, that quickly changed when he took off his white shirt. Even Eunkwang and Sungjae tried to take his shirt off.

When it was time for Minhyuk to do his solo song “Boom,” the shirt finally came off, much to the joy of the crowd. Fans online felt like this event was made just for the BTOB member.

Videos of Minhyuk at the event were posted online, and many of them got tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of views.

Netizens couldn’t help but talk about how they felt about how sexy, wet, and wild he looked!



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