“She’s the new generation Aphrodite!” NewJeans Haerin attracts attention for her improved visuals following a change of makeup style

She has the look of a goddess.

Haerin of NewJeans has always been a queen of looks. People know her for having big eyes and a face like a cat’s.

During Haerin‘s early launch years, the group liked the Y2K style, which led to her trying out new looks.

Many people noticed Haerin‘s visuals in a recent film to celebrate Sports Seoul’s 38th anniversary. Her makeup was more “idol-like” than normal.

Her lips were bright and her eyes were dark.

People were also surprised to see that her black hair was straight.

Haerin looked more beautiful than ever when her hair and eyes were straight.

Fans loved this type of her makeup.

People on the Internet thought she was the most beautiful star they had seen recently.

She is the most beautiful female I’ve seen in a while.”

Haerin is pretty as hell, FR.”

“So it was possible for her to look even better than when she first came out. So pretty.”

“She is Snow White. Insane.”

Her looks have been getting better and better. In other news, NewJeans will be back in business in July 2023.



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