“It’s the first time she went blond!” OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung Shocks Fans with Dramatic Hair Transformation

Hyojung, from OH MY GIRL, has stayed close to the show’s theme and look of innocence. She had long, straight, brown hair when she first came out.

Even after her first album came out, she only tried out choppy bangs.

Fans were shocked to see pictures of her out and about with blonde hair.

She had never been blonde before. Fans saw Hyojung while she was out with some friends.

She was seen in the city of Suncheon, which is near Seoul. Her blond hair looked great on her.Hyojung gave the camera a big, happy smile.

Fans were surprised by her new hairstyle because they thought she would keep her normal look.

On the other hand, she looked like a fairy because her hair was light.


“OMG, a fairy.”

“She should have gone blonde sooner, man.”



“Wow, so pretty…”

“She fits in well.”

The change could be a sign that the girls are about to make a comeback. After all, a new hair color is a sign that a new record is coming out. We’re so excited!



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