Red Velvet’s Joy Returns to the Spotlight, Netizens Delighted to See Her Shine Again After Health Challenges

Red Velvet member, Joy, makes an appearance after a prolonged break due to health issues, as confirmed by her agency, SM Entertainment.

The news of Joy‘s return spread rapidly when journalist photos of her surfaced on June 21st, catching the attention of netizens who shared the pictures on popular online forums.

On the same day, SM Entertainment announced that Joy will be resuming all her activities, starting with the recording of the ‘Animal Farm‘ program.

The agency stated that Joy‘s health has shown significant improvement during her hiatus, and after extensive consultations with their medical staff, she has made the decision to return to her engagements.

Netizens’ comments on the news varied, showcasing a range of reactions to Joy’s comeback:

“Crazy, too pretty”

“Aigoo pretty”

“ㅠㅠ she looks like the sunlight”

“Did she rest well? It’s a relief that she came back healthy..”

“Seriously freaking pretty”

“She looks like a celestial being”

“Where did she get her dress? It’s seriously pretty”

“I missed Joy so much ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m happy to see her on her way to work again”

“She’s the queen of dresses”

“she looks even more shining after the break. good for her.”

“I am so glad she is doing well!! Always good to see idols prioritising their health.”

“Joy literally bring joy to me”

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