Netizens wonder what STAYC’s Sieun did to her nose and says she looked much better before any procedures

STAYC member Sieun, known for her cute and lovely visuals as the main vocalist of the group, has received significant love since her debut.

However, a viral photo capturing Sieun‘s changing appearance has put her in the spotlight. Speculations arose suggesting that she had undergone a nose procedure, as her recent look exuded a completely different vibe.

Fans and netizens have recently observed that Sieun‘s nose appears even more unnatural than before, prompting discussions online.

One netizen shared the latest photos of Sieun on an online community and expressed their surprise, stating, “I didn’t even recognize Sieun.”

They also expressed their desire for her to return to her previous appearance, unaffected by any procedures.

Additional netizen comments include:

“Her original nose was perfect for her facial harmony… Why did she touch it?”

“She altered her nose and now her mid-face looks off… Why did she do it?”

“First Bomin, and now Sieun… Is this a trend among idols with monolids? Why focus on their nose instead of their eyes?”

“I noticed it during their latest radio show; she definitely did something to her nose.”

“It’s not just strange photo editing by her fansite master; her nose shape is genuinely different.”

“She’s still pretty, but she really didn’t need it.”

“They should stop giving plastic surgery to these already good-looking people. It’s just sad.”

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