“There are times where I become desperate” Lee Ji Hoon Confesses to Clingy Moments and Pathetic Behavior in Relationships

Lee Ji Hoon Opens Up About Personal Gift Values and Upcoming Movie Role

In a recent video uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘No Ppakkutak Jae-hoon’, actor Lee Ji Hoon shared his strong beliefs regarding the significance of personal gifts.

The video, titled “Tak Jae-hoon Completely Transforms to Han Seung-yeon, Discarding Lee Ji Hoon | No Ppakkutak Jae-hoon Season 2,” garnered attention on June 15th.

During the humorous exchange, Tak Jae-hoon playfully remarked to Lee Ji Hoon, “I heard you become quite pathetic when you’re in a relationship.”

Lee Ji Hoon responded with honesty, admitting, “There have been occasions where I fell in love first and ended up becoming clingy and desperate. There were even moments when I knelt down.”

Lee Ji Hoon then shared his perspective on gift-giving, expressing, “I’ve never been much of a gift giver. Do we really need to buy luxury goods just to prove our love?”

Han Seung-yeon, also present in the conversation, interjected, saying, “Gifts don’t always have to be luxurious.”

Tak Jae-hoon joined in with his trademark humor, teasing Lee Ji Hoon by saying, Lee Ji Hoon , just admit that you don’t have money.”

Lee Ji Hoon further revealed his personal criterion for giving bags as gifts, stating, “I have my own standard when it comes to bags. I only continue to give bags to women I’m married to.

Shifting gears, it was also announced that Lee Ji Hoon is set to grace the big screen in the upcoming movie ‘Seamless,’ scheduled for release on July 5th.

In the film, he will portray the character Seung-jin, a dreamer aspiring to become a singer. Audiences eagerly await the opportunity to see Lee Ji Hoon‘s performance on the silver screen.



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