Kim Heechul Angers Netizens After “Insensitive” Comment in Response to aespa’s Ningning’s Statement on “Knowing Bros“

Kim Heechul‘s inquiry following a statement made by Ningning from the group aespa has generated negative reactions from viewers and internet users.

During a recent episode of the popular talk show ‘Knowing Bros‘ that aired on June 10, aespa members Ningning, Karina, and Winter appeared as special guests. The cast members were pleasantly surprised by Ningning‘s significant improvement in speaking Korean.

Among the various topics discussed, the conversation turned to the importance of a guy’s appearance when dating.

Heechul posed a question to all three girls, asking if they consider a guy’s looks. Without hesitation, Ningning replied, “I don’t.

Ningning‘s answer raised doubts and led to protests from everyone present. It was at this point that Heechul decided to speak up.

He jokingly remarked, “Young Chul has the best personality among us,” indirectly suggesting whether Ningning would date him or not. In response, Ningning playfully replied, “Oh really? And…” which elicited laughter from the group.

Following the broadcast of the episode, many viewers expressed their dissatisfaction with Heechul‘s comments.

They criticized his indirect inquiry about Ningning‘s potential interest in Kim Young Chul while simultaneously implying that the comedian may not meet conventional standards of physical attractiveness.

Netizens congregated on online platforms to voice their opinions, stating:

“Why would Heechul ask such a question to a girl who was born in 2002?”

“He basically says that Kim Young Chul is ugly. That’s not nice.”

“The question is rude to Ningning and Kim Young Chul alike.”

“What does he hope to get? He is being rude to them both.

“Why is he being so mean to Kim Young Chul?”

“But Ningning’s answer was hilarious.”

“When Heechul asked Ningning a question, her cute ‘And?’ was exactly what I wanted to say.”

“I can’t stand Heechul at all. He is so mean.”

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