“We can’t contain our excitement!” BIGBANG’s T.O.P Teases Fans with a Sneak Peek of His Upcoming Album

T.O.P from the iconic K-pop group BIGBANG has left fans excited with the announcement of a new album in the works.

On May 29th, T.O.P took to his personal social media account and shared a video that immediately sparked curiosity among his followers.

Interestingly, the video contained no captions or comments, leaving fans to speculate about the nature of the post.

In the released video, viewers were given a glimpse of T.O.P’s creative process as he worked on crafting beats.

The focus was on T.O.P‘s back view, where he could be seen adjusting the hat on his hoodie, fully engrossed in his work.

The sheer power and intensity of the beats he produced with his fingertips captured the attention of everyone who watched.

To add to the excitement, T.O.P accompanied the video with a caption that read “STILL MAKING MY ALBUMS.”

This revelation further fueled anticipation among fans, as T.O.P has not released a solo track since the iconic “DOOM DADA” back in November 2013.

It is worth noting that T.O.P made headlines last year when he departed from his agency, YG Entertainment, to embark on a solo career.

Since then, fans have eagerly awaited news about his musical endeavors, and the recent video has reignited their enthusiasm.

Beyond his music, T.O.P has also attracted attention for his involvement in the groundbreaking “Dear Moon” project.

This innovative initiative aims to send a group of civilians on a lunar flight, and T.O.P‘s participation has only added to his already remarkable profile.

As fans eagerly await more updates on T.O.P‘s upcoming album, his recent video serves as a promising sign of what’s to come.

With his talent, artistic vision, and dedicated fanbase, T.O.P‘s solo venture is poised to make a significant impact on the music industry once again.



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