Netizens can’t stop laughing at this silly feature in aespa’s Karina and Winter’s latest airport fashion

A recent photo of aespa members Karina and Winter at the airport has caused a wave of laughter among netizens.

The K-pop sensation aespa has been making headlines with their incredible talent and unique concept, and now they have tickled the funny bone of netizens with their airport fashion.

A photo capturing Karina and Winter‘s arrival at the airport recently went viral, leaving fans and netizens in stitches.

In the photo, Karina and Winter can be seen sporting trendy dark sunglasses, exuding an air of chicness. However, it was their seemingly elongated necks that caught the attention of netizens, leading to comparisons with aliens.

One netizen couldn’t contain their amusement and took to an online forum to share the photo and express their amusement.

The post titled “Winter and Karina, why is this so funny?” quickly gained traction, attracting a multitude of hilarious comments from fellow netizens.

Here are some of the most entertaining reactions:

“OMG, I can’t stop laughing! They’re like stylish aliens invading the airport. aespa always knows how to keep us entertained!”

“Their sunglasses game is on point, but those long necks have taken it to a whole new level! They should join Men in Black as the newest recruits!”

“Are they doing some kind of skit?”

“Karina and Winter really out here, channeling their inner extraterrestrial fashion icons. I stan fashionable aliens!”

“I never thought I’d see the day when aliens are rocking sunglasses better than us mere mortals. aespa really knows how to turn heads!”

“I’m dying of laughter! Who knew long necks and sunglasses could make such a hilarious combo? Karina and Winter, thank you for brightening up my day!”

“Why did they put on Matrix sunglasses on top of that? LOL”.

“aespa giving us fashion inspo from another planet! I’m loving their unique airport look. The long neck trend is officially here!”

“These girls are on a whole new level of coolness. If aliens are this stylish, I’d gladly welcome their invasion!”

“Karina and Winter’s fashion choices always push the boundaries. I’m here for their extraterrestrial aesthetics!”

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