Netizens say FIFTY FIFTY’s Aran can be considered pretty if she was from a big company

Fifty Fifty, a rising girl group, has been a topic of discussion among K-pop enthusiasts, with a particular focus on the visual appeal of member Aran.

Many people often claim that the group lacks the necessary visual or star factor. However, fans have come to Aran’s defense, citing her rookie status and the challenges she faces as a member of a newly-incorporated company.

One netizen argues that Aran‘s beauty is even more impressive considering her circumstances. Being a rookie from a small agency, she may not have had the same access to professional hair, makeup, and styling services that idols from more established agencies enjoy.

Despite these limitations, Aran manages to captivate fans with her looks, as evident in journalist photos. This raises the question: shouldn’t she be considered exceptionally beautiful given the circumstances?

Let’s take a look at some comments from netizens regarding Aran‘s visual appeal:

“They always say this, but there isn’t a bad-looking kid among idols.”

“Usually, you need all the kids to be pretty to have a bigger halo effect, but aside from the vocal members, the rest of the kids look like regular people, so their looks are being overshadowed.”

“If she had debuted under SM, the SM fans would have made her a top visual, but this is the tragedy of a small company…”

“But I kind of feel like everything went to Aran… Voice color, skills, dance line, and face, all of it went to Aran. That’s their problem.”

“Sio is also pretty, but Aran and Sio don’t look like idols from mid-sized companies. They are both lead and main vocalists, so they do have most of the skills.”

“It’s crazy how just the name of your company can change every aspect of your career. Fans don’t like to admit it, but a lot of the praise idols get isn’t just because of their star power.”

“This is a fact. I have seen how the media can make people believe certain things. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of being able to sell a lot and constantly push someone in their faces.”

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