“Why is she behind her?” — Netizens Clash Over BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Kim Yuna’s Placement in Dior Beauty’s Global Account

A heated debate between fans of Kim Yuna and Jisoo took place on Dior Beauty’s official global account.

On the 28th, Dior Beauty posted photos from a popup store event held in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong. The first photo in the post featured Kim Yuna standing in front of a photo wall, while the second photo showed Jisoo exploring the interior of the popup store.

Upon seeing this, Jisoo‘s international fans expressed their anger in the comments, questioning why Jisoo, a global ambassador, appeared in the second slide, and why she was positioned behind Kim Yuna. They also mentioned Jisoo‘s lack of global influence.

In response to Jisoo‘s fans’ comments, Kim Yuna‘s international fans argued that there was a legitimate reason for Kim Yuna‘s placement.

They stated that “Kim Yuna is Dior’s first global ambassador from Korea” and referred to her as the “Queen Yuna” and “Kim Yuna is also an influential ambassador. Please show respect.”

The reactions from domestic fans varied. Some sided with the global fans’ reactions, while others expressed sentiments such as “They are overly sensitive. It’s embarrassing as fellow fans” and “Let’s respect each other.” One Korean fan pointed out, “If you don’t know who Kim Yuna is, do some research. Jisoo is also Korean.

Dior Beauty subsequently posted three more posts featuring videos and photos of Jisoo. The exact reason for their response to the fans’ debate has not been revealed.



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