Actor Woo Do Hwan Faces Controversy After Sharing Undisclosed Affectionate Scene from ‘Joseon Lawyer’

Acto Woo Do Hwan recently found himself embroiled in controversy after releasing an undisclosed affectionate scene from the drama ‘Joseon Lawyer‘.

Despite expressing his gratitude and sharing the scene to thank his fans, malicious comments led to his decision to ultimately delete the video.

Woo Do Hwan, who played a leading role in the MBC drama ‘Joseon Lawyer,’ took to his social media account on the 20th to express his gratitude. In his heartfelt message, he acknowledged the three-year gap since his last project and the fears and worries he had regarding his comeback.

He thanked the talented cast, directors, and hardworking staff of ‘Joseon Lawyer‘ who supported him, while also expressing his sincere appreciation to the viewers who continued to show him love despite his imperfections.

Accompanying his farewell message, Woo Do Hwan shared undisclosed photos and videos from ‘Joseon Lawyer,’ including an affectionate scene featuring himself and the female lead, Bona.

This scene depicted a happy ending between their characters, Kang Hansoo and Lee Yeonju, as they shared a brief intimate moment.

Kang Hansoo embraced Lee Yeonju from behind while lying together on a bed, gently kissing her ear to express his affection. The scene concluded with their silhouettes fading away and heart-shaped sparks, symbolizing their love.

The unaired scene, which was seen as a “bonus video” for dedicated fans to witness the happy moments of the main couple, received mixed reactions from netizens. Some fans, seemingly supporters of Bona from the girl group WJSN, expressed discontent and directed their frustration towards Woo Do Hwan‘s social media account.

Malicious comments such as “There is no consideration for the fans,” “There must be a reason why it wasn’t aired, so why upload it?” and “Please take down the video” flooded his comments section.

While malicious comments prevailed, there were also fans and drama enthusiasts who defended Woo Do Hwan‘s decision to share the unaired scene. These supporters couldn’t understand why he was receiving criticism for a normal affectionate scene.

They expressed sentiments like “I don’t understand why Woo Do Hwan is being criticized,” “It’s just a normal affectionate scene, why make a fuss?” and “As a drama fan, I’m grateful for the release of unaired videos.”

Unfortunately, as the controversy surrounding the video intensified, Woo Do Hwan decided to delete the video from his social media account, contrary to his original intentions. This response aimed to mitigate the ongoing backlash and maintain a peaceful atmosphere among his fans and followers.



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