“We can’t be mothers” — aespa’s Karina and Winter’s skinny waistlines lead to comedic moment on “The Return of Superman”

Karina and Winter from the K-pop girl group aespa recently appeared on the popular Korean reality show, “The Return of Superman”.

The episode, which aired on May 12th, showed the two visiting the home of Jason, also known as Ddongbyul‘s dad.

During the episode, Karina and Winter showed their love for Ddongbyul and his family by spending quality time with them. The two even went as far as removing their nail art, to avoid accidentally scratching the baby.

Jason, who was touched by their actions, called them his “brother-in-law”, showing how much he appreciated their visit. Karina and Winter also had a great time, singing and playing with Ddongbyul, who they called “adorable”.

As the visit progressed, Winter and Karina were given the task of changing Ddongbyul‘s diaper. However, the two were shocked and screamed in horror when they saw what was inside the diaper.

In a moment of humor, Jason joked that changing diapers can help lose weight, causing Karina and Winter to laugh. The two even attempted to wear a baby carrier for Ddongbyul, but their small waistlines prevented them from properly securing the carrier.

Jason said, “Even when she’s wearing a microphone on her waist, it still turns out like that. Both of you are eliminated. The baby carrier is falling down.” Winter and Karina pretended to cry, saying, “We can’t be mothers.”

The episode was well-received by viewers, who praised Karina and Winter for their thoughtfulness and caring nature towards Ddongbyul and his family.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“Karina and Winter are so sweet and caring, they make great aunties!”

“I love how they removed their nail art to avoid scratching the baby, so thoughtful!”

“I’m crying, they are too cute with Ddongbyul!”

“I can’t stop laughing at Jason’s joke about changing diapers helping to lose weight!”

“Karina and Winter are both so beautiful inside and out, they are true angels.”

“I’m not surprised that Winter and Karina couldn’t wear the baby carrier, their waistlines are so tiny!”

“This episode was so heartwarming, I love seeing these genuine moments on television.”

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