“What brand is it? Let’s expose it” — Actor Kim Woo Bin praise by netizens for speaking out against unfair pay in modeling

Actor Kim Woo Bin made headlines recently after he appeared on a YouTube channel called “Pixid” and talked about his experience as a rookie model.

In a video titled “Finding Hidden Fake Rookie Models Among New Models,” Kim pretended to be a new model and chatted with other rookie models on messenger.

During the conversation, Kim and the models discussed their most ridiculous show or photo shoot experience.

Kim Woo Bin surprised everyone when he confessed that he wore fishnet stockings and hot pants during his graduation project as a model. Although no one believed him, Kim insisted that he was serious.

Another model then shared their own ridiculous experience, revealing that they ended up taking 80 costume changes during a photo shoot that only paid them 400,000 won (approximately $330 USD).

Kim couldn’t hide his anger and frustration at hearing this, saying that it was ridiculous that the brand only paid 400,000 won for 80 costume changes.

He even suggested exposing the brand on broadcast and urged them to reflect on their actions.

The video has since gained a lot of attention online, with many netizens sharing their thoughts and comments on the issue.

Here are some of the comments that have been circulating on social media:

“I can’t believe that some brands are still taking advantage of rookie models like this. It’s time for the industry to change and treat models with more respect and dignity.”

“Kim Woo Bin is such a genuine person. It’s great to see him speaking out and standing up for what’s right.”

“This just shows how much power celebrities have in Korea. When they speak out about an issue, people listen.”

“I hope that this video raises awareness about the mistreatment of models in the industry. We need to start treating them as human beings and not just as objects.”

“It’s great to see someone like Kim Woo Bin using their platform to make a difference. We need more celebrities like him in the industry.”

“I’m glad that someone is finally speaking out about this issue. It’s time for change.”

“This is just another example of how the entertainment industry needs to be more transparent and fair. It’s time for them to take responsibility for their actions.”

“I’m shocked that some models are paid so little for the amount of work they do. They deserve to be compensated fairly for their time and effort.”

“It’s great to see Kim Woo Bin using his celebrity status to bring attention to important issues like this. He’s truly a role model.”

“I hope that this video serves as a wake-up call for the industry. We need to start treating models with more respect and paying them fairly for their work.”

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